Shameless self-promotion time


[This is just a shameless self-promotion entry]

Greetings one and all;

I hope you are all having a great week.

Here in Japan is is finals week, which explains why I haven’t uploaded in a bit. This blog will just be a bit of shameless promotion because I don’t have much time at my computer this week.

I have begun a video and podcast with a friend and fellow ALT. In the podcast we talk about life in Japan as a foreigner. We just finished recording our first 4 episodes and are in the midst of editing and hopefully we can get them all up by the end of February.

So if you have found either my youtube or this blog interesting please go and check out the podcast because I am sure you will enjoy that, too.


Thanks, and hopefully more thoughtful content coming tomorrow, after testing.

-Austin “Lantz Sensi”


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