The degeneration of Japanese men


Why foreign men are stealing all the Japanese women




This entry may hurt a bit (if you are a Japanese man), but the truth hurts. This entry is going to address the rising population of elderly people in Japan and the fact that the average age in Japan is not leaning towards younger, but older. This is a topic that is at the center of a lot of research, it is also at the center of the influx of foreigners to Japan.


My wife went skiing this weekend, it was her with some work friends. When she came back she had a lot of gossip to tell me. One of the stories was not even about her but about what her friends had told her. The story goes like this:


“There were a group of people on a group date hosted by a dating website. There were 30 people in attendance, 15 women and 15 men ranging from the ages of 20-25, all single all Japanese. While on the bus it seemed everyone was getting along, naturally the men and women talked a little and were friendly with each other.


However once they had finished the main activity the tour took them to a park where they could go for a romantic walk around the lake for 30 minutes. So the bus stopped and opened the doors and everyone got off… Everyone except for the men; almost all the men decided to stay in their seats and play on their phones or sleep leaving the women alone to take walks by themselves.”


This was obviously shocking, why would any man pass on the opportunity to hang out with an eligible woman if he was single himself? The answer to this goes back to the women’s rights movement in Japan. The woman’s suffrage movement came about in the 1920’s giving women the right to enter the workforce. After WW2 women began to get more and more prevalent in the workforce, but it wasn’t until the economic bubble burst in the 1990’s that women really came into their own.


After the economic bubble burst in the 1990s women were forced to work to make ends meet. First, they worked in factory jobs or just as office ladies and secretaries but as time went on women chipped away at the market making a position for women in the work force. As women have slowly gained power, they have put off starting families for work. Most families in my personal life have children after the age of 30, on family has a five year old daughter while the parents are late 40’s. This switch in power for women has had an adverse effect on men.


Because Japanese women are focused on work majority of Japanese men don’t see a point of trying and spend their income on themselves and immerse them selves in work or other self-centered social activities. This double edged sword – women focusing on a career and men focusing on themselves, has led to a rift in the Japanese community. Now many Japanese women, when asked in interviews (japan times, maybe) saw Japanese men as lazy and Japanese men saw women as self-centered.


Thus it is easy to see why there is a disparity of youth in Japan. But why are Japanese women marring foreign men? The most cited reason by women in multiple interviews and articles (Japanese times, gaijin pot, etc.) is that foreign men are motivated, they are looking to improve their social status and create a life, not “fit in” to a life. This is a national social problem that the government, as well a private organizations are trying to solve and is very complex. The reasons I have stated here are far from exhaustive, there are many more factors that go in to this social problem, such as parents wanting duel citizenship for kids, “English practice wives” and other factors.


As always I would love to know what you think of this social problem. Do you have extra information you could share? How do you think Japan could solve this dilemma? I would love to know your input so please leave it in the comments.


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