Donald J. Trump


[Today will be a short blog because of lack of materials and input]


[Before we begin, I was made aware that there were several typos in my blog yesterday. I am terribly sorry for that and will try my best to make sure to double check my writing today. However I would like to say that it is a policy/ theme/choice of mine not to go to old posts and change them. I believe we grow from our past mistakes but we are not the sum of our mistakes so I do not correct older posts. ]


It has been 3 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States of America. It is obvious to on lookers from beyond the boarders it is a red hot point of contention for many Americans. Whether on the right, the left or the middle this president has caused more polarization, even before entering office, than almost any other president I have read about.


The tensions that plague America are not contained just within the borders of the US, but flow overseas to every nation. Even in my small town the day of the debates, election and inauguration every TV and radio was tuned to one thing, Trump. It was very interesting to hear the viewpoints of my neighbors and students relating to president Trump, his cabinet, and his rhetoric.


What was interesting is that most of my students were leaning towards Clinton because she wasn’t as “mean” according to my students. While at the same time some of the teachers I work with were leaning towards Trump because he is a business man talks more like a normal person, not a real politician. Many of the farmers and fishermen that I know were also very excited to see Trump get elected because they knew he would help stop TPP, which means more business for them.


So, no matter where you are it seems that American politics will seep into the society. How will president Trump affect the world who can say – either way it is time to come together and mend the wounds done by violent protests and come together as not just Americans but as a united world to make it a better place for all people.


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