The beginning of a new chapter

The beginning

9 years ago I came to Japan. Japan had already been a land of mystery to me. My image of Japan was that it was a land filled with salty rice crackers, enka, and beautiful kimonos. My grandmother has always been the catalyist behind my interest in the country. Her house doubled as her seamstress office where she worked for years. It was a small house in a run down part of the city, the yard was hardly taken care of and encompassed by a shakey, rusted chain link fence. We never saw the neighbors because we were rushed inside right when we arrived.

The room I remember the most was her office. It was the master bedroom that she turned into her office. The walls and floors were a dark brown set off by a stark white desk stacked with bobbins, cloth, needles and cutting pads. Behind the desk there were three sewing machines that took up much of her space. On the back wall was the shower and bathroom, the toilet was flanked by japanese newspapers and magazines and the shower stall infront of the toilet was filled to the brim with cloth of every color.

It was here that I my love of Japan was sparked. Whether it was through the food like anko popsicles, umebushi or takwan in the Summer or spending time in a kotatsu in the Winter, somehwere along the way I developed a love for Japan. So after many years of trying through high school and university I finally made my way to Japan. I was awestruck at first, but then reality slowly sunk in a life became the everyday rush, and I slowly learned what it ment to be a foreigner in Japan.

That is why I started a video series on my youtube channel called “Drive me Crazy.” It was my hope that this could help others in Japan with coming and living in Japan. However I have since decided to make it a daily blog series instead, so i could include links and reference materials easier. So this is the end of a video series but the beginning of a blog. Follow along with me everyday that I have work as I write a blog and hopefully help people living in japan, or wanting to come to Japan.




  1. Even though the Ikumen movement is beginning to take hold, a lot of women I have spoken to said that after marriage their expectations are doubled when coming to work, kids, and household work. A lot have said that many men believe that after marriage the nuclear family outlook is what is in store regardless of whether their wife works outside the home or not.

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